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While our theatre doors were closed, we relied on these digital offerings to keep our community thriving.


An artistic experiment in collaboration with Art and Culture Fest based on the premise of withholding a part of the information from the participants. 


We recruited ten actors/artists to play a game of storytelling with us which required them to write a one-minute play and do its dramatic reading on camera. We gave them each two unique words (prompts) to include in their script and only the previous actor's script as a jumping-off point. What we didn't give them was any sense of their position in the queue, the whole story so far (they didn't know anything about the character or plot except from their immediate predecessor's script) and where to go with it. It was like inventing a new story with each turn. This happened ten times, each time a new beginning, and the results were thrilling. 

The whole story made by stitching ten individual videos together is presented below. See for yourself what became of this wild experiment. For more information on the artists and their prompts, visit our Instagram feed -- @ltgdelhi



A devised theatre piece created by the LTG Repertory 2019-20 and directed by Piyush Kumar (@tumharapiyush), Panniarchy explores unspoken stories of plastic, pollution, people and the invisible relationships they share. Performance covered by Sanjana Chopra (_sanjanachopra_).

#ASongFor @aneesha.d x



Aneesha Dass from the LTG Team presents

Glimpses - LTG Repertory 2019-2020 as part of her #ASongFor Campaign. 

Learn more about the LTG Repertory Programme on our socials. 


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Each month we selected a play to read throughout the month and make the most of the time that we had in lockdown. Theatre is all about drama, and we love reading it as much as performing or watching it on stage. Yes, we were not able to go to our beloved theatres, but we kept in touch with what we love the most -- drama. 

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Our doors have reopened!

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