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A devised theatre piece created by the LTG Repertory 2019-20 and directed by Piyush Kumar (@tumharapiyush), Panniarchy explores unspoken stories of plastic, pollution, people and the invisible relationships they share. Performance covered by Sanjana Chopra (_sanjanachopra_).

#ASongFor @aneesha.d x



Aneesha Dass from the LTG Team presents

Glimpses - LTG Repertory 2019-2020 as part of her #ASongFor Campaign. 

Learn more about the LTG Repertory Programme on our socials. Updates for this year's programme coming soon. 


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Each month we select a play to read throughout the month and make the most of the time that we now have. Theatre is all about drama, and we love reading it as much as performing or watching it on stage. Yes, we may not be able to go to our beloved theatres right now, but we are trying to stay in loving contact with what we love the most -- drama. 

July's Selection

“The Mālavikāgnimitram of Kālidāsa is arguably the least refined work of the most celebrated Sanskrit poet.” This is the manner in which Srinivas Reddy begins his introduction to perhaps the very first play of Kalidasa. A little surprising for a first-time reader, surely, but he goes on to ease our anxiety in the next sentences. “Even today the work remains underappreciated, finding mention only in the context of enumerating the great poet’s oeuvre. Nonetheless, a close reading of the text reveals several remarkable passages and, more importantly, a window into the mind of a master poet in the making. … Contrary to popular legends that speak of Kālidāsa’s astonishing conversion from dimwit to genius, his surviving works evidence a writer whose poetic skills evolved, developed and refined over time. … An early work like Mālavikāgnimitram demythologizes the legend of Kālidāsa and makes him a living poet who honed his craft over a lifetime and developed a deeper, more refined poetic sensibility in later works like the Kumārasambhavam.” 


Malavikagnimitram is a story of the love that King Agnimitra has for a handmaiden and dancer named Malavika. To so much as look upon Malavika, the king has to employ the help of his court jester Gautama, who "takes on a central role and brings all the elements of the plot together with his silly wit and charm.” A passionate speech of love by Agnimitra in Act 3 goes like this:


I find no pleasure in the union of lovers

when one is passionate and the other indifferent.

It is better when bodies waste away

in a hopeless coming together,

for at least the two have equal affections.


We hope you enjoy reading this great work of literature this month.

Play Readings

We have also started a cosy little reading group with whom we meet online and read the month's selection. Instead of doing a whole play at a time, we do one scene or act in one meeting so as not to rush but enjoy the play richly.

A cursory self-reading is also advised before joining the meetings, so we can all focus on bringing the play to life.

If you would like to read with us or watch it unfold, direct message 'aye' to us on Instagram. Our username is @ltgdelhi

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