While our theatre doors are closed, enjoy these digital offerings with us, and let's keep our community thriving.


An artistic experiment in collaboration with Art and Culture Fest based on the premise of withholding a part of the information from the participants. 


We recruited ten actors/artists to play a game of storytelling with us which required them to write a one-minute play and do its dramatic reading on camera. We gave them each two unique words (prompts) to include in their script and only the previous actor's script as a jumping-off point. What we didn't give them was any sense of their position in the queue, the whole story so far (they didn't know anything about the character or plot except from their immediate predecessor's script) and where to go with it. It was like inventing a new story with each turn. This happened ten times, each time a new beginning, and the results were thrilling. 

The whole story made by stitching ten individual videos together is presented below. See for yourself what became of this wild experiment. For more information on the artists and their prompts, visit our Instagram feed -- @ltgdelhi



A devised theatre piece created by the LTG Repertory 2019-20 and directed by Piyush Kumar (@tumharapiyush), Panniarchy explores unspoken stories of plastic, pollution, people and the invisible relationships they share. Performance covered by Sanjana Chopra (_sanjanachopra_).

#ASongFor @aneesha.d x



Aneesha Dass from the LTG Team presents

Glimpses - LTG Repertory 2019-2020 as part of her #ASongFor Campaign. 

Learn more about the LTG Repertory Programme on our socials. Updates for this year's programme coming soon. 


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Each month we select a play to read throughout the month and make the most of the time that we now have. Theatre is all about drama, and we love reading it as much as performing or watching it on stage. Yes, we may not be able to go to our beloved theatres right now, but we are trying to stay in loving contact with what we love the most -- drama. 

September's Selection

Sarah Kane was a British playwright, probably the most revolutionary playwright of her generation. Her plays challenged what theatre was and could be, and how far it can still go. To the critics, she was a notorious outlier who didn’t understand theatre, and her plays often disgusted them in their brazen depiction of violence and ‘disturbing’ scenes. This is especially true for her plays Blasted and Cleansed. But after the initial shock, spectators often come to realise how full of life her work is and how brilliantly she appreciated theatre.


4.48 Psychosis is her last play before her death. “While Blasted and Cleansed and Crave have long been acknowledged for the radical theatrical masterpieces they are, 4.48 Psychosis has been trapped in the shadows of what happened to its author.” (The Guardian, 2016) Kane died by suicide on 20th February 1999 which inevitably lead 4.48 Psychosis to be seen as a suicide note rather than a piece of work in its own right. 


True to character, Kane once again pushes the limits of what theatre can be through her final work. This play has almost no directions, no setting, no sense of time, and no characters. Breaks in the text are only observed in the form of sections -- some seem to have dialogue, some free-flowing poetic associations, sometimes a voice makes sarcastic comments, and one section only has a set of numbers.


As for content, it is very clear on the surface that it is about clinical depression and suicidal thoughts. But what it is beyond that, we will have to read and figure out for ourselves. Kane once said to her brother when he expressed that he didn’t understand it, “I’m not going to tell you, I’m not going to tell anyone ever."

Play Readings

We have also started a cosy little reading group with whom we meet online and read the month's selection. We meet every Saturday and enjoy literature together through acting out the play, talking about everything surrounding it, sharing knowledge and just having plain old fun.

If you would like to read with us or watch it unfold, direct message 'aye' to us on Instagram. Our username is @ltgdelhi

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