Vidushi Mehra


Vidushi is a thespian with entrepreneurial abilities and an MBA in marketing and finance with a corporate experience of 12 years. Vidushi became a Producer and Director of English theatre after she quit her corporate career.


Having worked on stage for 25 years, her experience is enriched with diversity and vocation. She now develops unique theatre in education programs uplifting people of all age groups in areas of communication, creativity and confidence.

Friends of Theatre

Friends of Theatre is a series of online theatre workshops by thespian, actor and theatre educator Vidushi Mehra in collaboration with the Little Theatre Group, New Delhi. 


In this exciting new series, Vidushi shares ‘her personal diary of tricks and tools she uses in the portrayals of various characters she has played in film and on stage.’ These include an understanding of inner body language vs expression and posture, working with a database of memories for character assessments, devising and deconstructing text by line, word and punctuation, using methods to approach the truth in characters, using empathy and compassion as major tools to understand subtext, and work with external strengths like expression and voice.


Open for everyone aged 15 and above, Friends of Theatre aims to keep the art of theatre alive and thriving in the recent cultural landscape. This year, theatres, performance spaces and artists everywhere have faced an almost fatal blow and are struggling to survive. Friends of Theatre is a small initiative to bring the joys of doing theatre to people from all walks of life and share some special tips and tricks for those already in love with it.


Body Language


10 September, 7 PM IST

17 September, 7 PM IST

24 September, 7 PM IST


Character Development


11 September, 7 PM IST

18 September, 7 PM IST

25 September, 7 PM IST




12 September, 7 PM IST

19 September, 7 PM IST

26 September, 7 PM IST