Rahul Tewari


Rahul Tewari is a theatre artist and camera actor. Recently, he has been appointed as an Acting Professor in the Asian Academy of Film & Television, Noida. Since graduating from Ramjas College, Delhi University in 2012, he has been a part of some of the highly appreciated & award-winning theatre productions and acted in the musical adaptation of Monsoon Wedding, directed by the internationally acclaimed director Mira Nair. He is perhaps best known for his role in the national award-winning Bollywood film 'Badhaai Ho'.

Rahul has worked as a theatre educator and facilitator for more than 6 years, working with schools and colleges, and has experience facilitating theatre workshops with children of all age groups. He has also directed many annual productions with schools and a street play with the kids of Rangpuri Pahadi slum area as part of Delhi based NGO Be Artsy’s art-based outreach programme.

Rahul is a core member of the Third Space Collective and Gender Ventions, and a founding member of T for Theatre. 


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Theatre is not just a tool of performance but also of exploration, development, collaboration and learning. It is possibly one of the most inclusive art forms there is." 

Actor and Educator Rahul Tewari draws you in an immersive, sensory experience with fun theatre tools to calm your soul and activate your creativity. Theatre is a medium of expression and exploration, and Rahul believes in its power to not only bring people together but bring them closer to themselves. That’s why we are beyond delighted to collaborate with him on this exclusive series designed to fit the current environment.


This is an online series, and we encourage you to use the space around you to have an even better experience. Our aim is to facilitate personal growth and mental well-being through diving into the imagination and exercising those creative instincts. 



Active involvement


Introduction to Theatre and its wonderful impact

Safe space for expression 



Fun and laughs!