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Spaces at LTG Delhi


I.L. Dass Auditorium

I.L. Dass Auditorium

Blank Canvas

Our most prominent space is the Inder Lal Dass Auditorium, which has been around since the 1980s and has seen decades of performances on its stage. 

Many cultural activities like shows, plays, annual days & award ceremonies have been staged here over the years. It has a seating capacity of 327 and a stage size of 32 X 34 square feet.

The Blank Canvas

The Blank Canvas is a black box space that can be used for performances, workshops, seminars, sharings, rehearsals etc. Located on the 2nd Floor of the LTG Building, this space has a number of facilities, including:  

  • Remote-controlled motorized blinds that can be used to cover the walls

  • Access to a washroom

  • Access to pantry

  • 50 chairs (Seating is limited to 50 people)

  • Air conditioning 

  • Lift facility

  • Lights: Eight Par-38 lights and 6 channel DMX pack along with the controller

  • Sound: Yamaha Stagepass 400BT


More intimate and experimental shows are hosted here.

The Blank Canvas Studio
LTG Blank Canvas
Black-box theatre


LTG Delhi Terrace

Little Studio

The Terrace is a beautiful space overlooking New Delhi and best suited for sit-down events like poetry readings, movie screenings, discussions and talks, acoustic concerts and more. The seating can be done for 50-60 people. Basic lights and sound equipment are available.

LTG Little Studio

The Little Studio is a cozy new space that can house 15-20 people. Perfect for intimate rehearsals, readings, workshops, developing new work, dance practice and more!

Little Studio space for artists
LTG Delhi Little Studio

To book any of our spaces, send an email to with your requirements.

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